Computer Training

Whether you're a Business Owner, Employee, Realtor, Corporate Executive, or a Senior Citizen, you have probably been touched by the need for computer training.


Finally, there is an affordable solution for everyone. We are proud to offer customized lessons that are created for you - at your pace according to your interests and needs. Learn exactly what you need to know to stay competitive.


Lessons are available for business, educational, and home applications. We offer training on programs such as, Quicken, QuickBooks, MS Office (Word, Excel, Publisher, Access), Scanning, Digital Imaging, Social Networking, and of course Internet.. We also do training on the Basics of Your Computer from beginning to end. Individual or group courses can be held at your home or business with flexible scheduling available.

You will be learning from a teacher with years of experience, teaching people how to cope with the new technology of today. If you just want to learn how to email your family and friends or learn how to scan a document or just a particular program you need proficiency on. Paula can take you from beginning to end and put you in the driverís seat of your computer.

We also offer technical support for your computer, is your computer not working properly or seems slow. We can put it back in the fast lane with some help from Computer Tutor.

With the new innovations of computers and the Internet there will be many new ideas and theories bouncing around this office. We are looking forward to bringing you, our customers into the future with Social Networking, Blogs and computer technology.

Give us a call today, Don't Put off till tomorrow what you can do today. 219 374 8541




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