What our Customers say about us.

I would like to thank and promote Paula Reno and Computer Tutor and Website Design.
Just recently my business website was down due to someone hacking into it. I called
Computer Tutor and Website Design and Paula was able to take care of everything in a very
short period of time. I know from past experience that other companies would have taken
much longer to correct this situation, which normally would have resulted in loss of business.
If you're looking for someone to work on your website, Computer Tutor and Website Design is
the place to call.  Thank you Paula!

Kevin, Real Estate Inspector

Dear Paula:  We are approaching our first anniversary of home computing.  What a year,
thanks mainly to you. It is time we tell you our thoughts about your service and attention
to our needs.  Your technical knowledge and ability to convey it to us are outstanding
and comprehensive.  We think your teaching method is excellent.  The combination of
coach-pupil and learn-by-doing, flavored by remarkable patience and good humor,
is most effective.  And we especially appreciate your "help desk" response to our
occasional requests for real-time assistance with the gremlins. We expect that with
growing experience and passage of time we will graduate beyond those emergency needs!.
You should know that we speak to our friends about your service, from aid to installing the
machinery and programs to on-site instruction. Just last  week I suggested to a cousin that
when she gets her computer she should let me put her in touch with you. 

Thank you so very much for your kind and super help.


Sincerely, L. Elisabeth and Ray

During the last six years, I have called upon Paula for assistance with problems associated
with my home computers many times. My son and I have drawn on her computer skills for
personal tutoring, solving soft-ware glitches at home and instructions on how and the best
way to utilize PC's. Paula has demonstrated her computer knowledge and abilities to
assist me every time I have asked for her help. Along with all her other attributes, she is
a very personable lady to work with. From my experiences with Paula, I believe she
has to be one of the top people in her profession and will continue to ask her for assistance
when the need arises.


Russell, Welding Engineer/Metallurgist

I am delighted to have a chance to comment on the services of Paula as a computer tutor. 
I have had Paula in my home on four different occasions', to help with various computer functions.
She helped acquaint me with some of  the more sophisticated aspects of the internet; she helped
me construct a data base for our River to River Running club with a membership of 500;  
She is patient, and does not assume there is only one way to learn a task. 
She is a person of plentiful energy, as well as appropriate interpersonal skills. 
The experience with her was certainly a pleasant one, and well worth
the cost.  I would not hesitate to engage Paula when needed in the future,
or recommend her to my friends and acquaintances.






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